In pictures: Take a look back at Wakefield's school starters from 2005, 2006 and 2007 in our retro photo gallery

Were you or your little ones a school starter in Wakefield in 2005, 2006 or 2007? Take a look at our photo gallery today to see if you can spot any familiar faces.

Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 4:45 pm
In pictures: Take a look back at Wakefield's school starters from 2005, 2006 and 2007 in our retro photo gallery

These photos document pupils' first year at school, and are generally taken in January, around four months after they begin reception.

Back: Codey, Lewis, Sophie, Jake, Joseph, Corey, Jessica. Front: Lauren, Liam, Johanna, Jonathan, Hollie, James. Class teacher, Mrs Helen Paterson.
Back: Chelsea, Curtis, Mackenzie, Kayleigh, Mia. Front: Harrison, Imogen, Thomas, Rebecca, Jack.

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Back: Chloe, Nadeem, Kieran and Axsa. Front: Amber, Jeanna and Hanfaa. Class teacher, Mrs. Clare Kenyon.
Back: Benjamin, Aimee, Matthew, Imogen, Mollie, Daniyal. Front: Alexander, Toby, Hannah, Eleanor, Taran. Class teacher, Rebecca Brennan.
Back: Elizabeth, Shanice, Samuel and Olivia. Middle: Bradley, Matthew, Aidan, Harvey, Lucy, Jessica. Front: Rebecca, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Bailey, Jacob , Jack Gordon. Teachers Jean Gibson, Helen Foster
Back: Yasmin, Ryan, Thomas, Andrew. Middle: Connor, Zia, Callum, Emma. Front: Sam, Liam, Molly, Joshua. Teacher Sarah Clark
Left: Katie, Charlie, Thomas, Edward, Bradley, Hannah, Emily, Alice, Paige. Front: Zeta, Cameron, India, Charlie-Dian, Chelsea, Charlotte, Mia. Teacher Sarah Bailey on left and Teacher Assistant Judith Mountain
Ruby, Hyaat, Alice, Foundation Stage Manager Janet Frazer, Jamie, Kate, Libby
Back: Mrs Barratt (LSA), Lauren, Brandon, Shahin, Chloe, Mrs Paterson (teacher). Front: Luke, Dylan, Joshua, Jessica and Sharon.
Miss A Woodhall and Mrs C CZJKO. Back: Ben, ALLEX, Jordan, Adam, Zayn and Elliot. Front: Georgia, Michael, Elle-May.
Back: Mrs Yaseen, Mrs Aspey, Mrs Lewis. Middle: Justin, Haajra, Abigail and Ryan. Front: Tyler, Chelsea, Mariah, Louise and Ben Sutcliffe
Back: Max, Stephanie, Charley, Rebecca, Melissa, Catherine, Aaron, Casey and Joe. Middle: Lucy, Jay, Luke, Joely, Ellis, Matthew, Joseph, Tia, Rebekah and Connor. Front: Laura, Ryan, Thomas, Jade, Harry, Charlie, Sophie, Mia and Jayden.
Back: Mrs Sukhy Teehan, Taylor, Jveria, Amy, Josh, Sarah and Joe-Charlie. Middle:Ellie, Brianna, Tyler, Dylan, Zarah, Ebony. Front: Morgan, Oliver, Lily-K, Ellie and Jodie.
Back: Nichola Russell, Karen Stead, Janet Chell, Jayne Murphy and Joyce Steel. Back: Mariam, Rosie, Beth, Lauren, Amber, Louise, Keanan. middle: Freddie, Hamzah, Logan, Callum, Hanif, Emmalouise and Matthew. Front: Megan, Lucas, Hassan, James and Yasmin.
Back: Mason, Phoebe, Leah, Oliver, Mrs.Stead, Mrs.Gibson, Caitlin, Shauna, Grace and Joshua. Front: William, James, Billy, Jessica, Frankie and Brooke.
Back: Sam, Lucy, Ellie, Mrs. Rebbeca Mulready, James, Lucy and Elise. Front: Luke, Kyle, Alex and Tommy.
Back: Jordan, Morgan, Mrs. Aspey, Adil and Kristy. Front: Ismail, Labeeqa and Suraj.
Kieron, Lachlan, James, Miss Gemma Meakin, Alannah, Caitlin and Cameron.
Back: Eleanor, Lani, Natasha, Mrs Heather Taylor, Catriona, Niamh, Hannah. Front: Joshua, Daniel, Joel, Daniel, Lewis.
Back: - Mathew, Caylee, Declan, Mrs Julie Stafford, James, Lewis, Jessica. Middle: Amy, Levi, Megan, Megan, Keegan and Eleanor. Front: Alfie, Curtis, Byron and Robbie.
Edward, Theodore, Harry, Miss Rebecca Hodgson, Thiago, Harry and Hannah.
Back: Josh, Charley, Glaila, Abigail, Niamh and Amelia. Front: Ellie, Emily, Mrs Rosamond, Abigail and Hannah.
Back: Miss Kelly Ashton, Lilly, Jessica, ,Mathew and Raff. Front: Cameron, Autumn, Thomas and Jessica.