Yorkshire Scare Grounds in Wakefield opens its doors for 21 nights of horror

Dare you face your fears?Dare you face your fears?
Dare you face your fears?
Yorkshire Scare Grounds and Scream Park throws open its freaky doors today for thrill-seekers to see all the horror it has to offer.

And to make it an extra special opening, they have invited Mayor of Normanton, Josie Farrar, along to see just how petrified she will be - all for a good cause.

Horror fanatics can be frightened at the 24-acre Halloween theme park on Hell Lane, from today, and is inviting visitors to explore its eerie haunted attractions leading up to Halloween.

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Thousands are expected to visit the park this year to confront their fears as they’re faced with actor-turned-zombies, vampires, maniacs and evil clowns.

The theme park was opened in 2011 by Fear Masters Entertainment, which runs similar horror attractions across the country.

Their website says the Face Your Fear events are not recommended for children under 12, but parental discretion is advised.

This year there will be four scare attraction experiences, live actors and special effects.

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There will also be street food, hot and cold drinks, sweet stalls, fresh donuts and free parking.

Here's what you can look forward to this year:

Artificial Intelligence - Programmed to Kill

An opportunity to see AI being created - or could it be a trap? Are they being programmed to kill? Dare to walk the production line to fund out?

The Sewer – Mutation

After a chemical leak into the sewerage system, a team were send down to investigate, but were never seen again. Are they now human-sized rats? Children have also started to disappear and human bones are being found across town...are you brave enough to take a look down the sewer and figure out what's been going on?

Witchcraft - Bloody Mary

The rumour is, if you say her name three times in the mirror, Bloody Mary will appear and take your soul. Now she's back and searching for more souls. But she's not alone. She has brought her coven of witches, who are casting spells and stealing souls from the village. There are a few villagers left who are hunting them down. Dare to join them?

Hotel Hell - Undead Vacation

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A feverish stranger looking for a room for the night takes to his room to sleep it off - but things take a scary turn the next morning when hotel staff - and guests - are in a trance like state, covered in bites and stinking of rotting flesh. Pay a visit and try to find out what happened that night.

Clown Asylum - Breakout

An asylum of killer clowns! Need we say more?

TTo find out more and to book tickets visit the Yorkshire Scare Grounds website.