An all-star cast – but wasted on a preposterous plot line

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The Big Wedding is a romantic comedy about dysfunctional people hiding secrets that are eventually exposed.

Don, an artist, had an affair with his wife Ellie’s best friend Bebe. His infidelity and the subsequent divorce caused the family a lot of pain and left one of the children, Layla, very hurt.

Don now lives with Bebe, and the film opens with a shot of their beautiful house by a lake. Plans are going ahead for the wedding of Don and Ellie’s adopted son, Alejandro, to Missy O’Connor, the daughter of their neighbours and long term friends. Ellie turns up for the wedding to be told by Alejandro that his birth mother, who gave him up for adoption so that he could have a better life, is coming to the wedding.

She is from Colombia and doesn’t speak English; she is also a staunch Catholic who believes divorce to be a mortal sin. This starts a series of events as Alejandro asks his parents to pretend that they are still married. so as not to offend his mother.

There are many characters in this film, all with their own complicated lives, and as the strain of living a lie, even for a weekend, begins to take its toll the whole family idyll gradually begins to unravel.

I thought that the plot line was preposterous. The principal players in the story were caricatures and acted in a way that was just not believable. The plot was predictable: you could see what was coming even if those in the film couldn’t.

This film has an all-star cast but they were wasted on such fluff. Ben Barnes, who played Alejandro, reminded me of a young Keanu Reaves and he and Amanda Seyfried as Missy were probably the best this film had to offer.

If you like rom coms then you’ll probably enjoy it but for me it had too much unnecessary bad language and too few good laughs. The whole thing was a big disappointment.