Deeply personal and heartbreaking unsent letters move writer as she compiles new work

Freelance writer Cat Yaffe.
Freelance writer Cat Yaffe.

Heartfelt letters which were never sent to lost loved ones will be the subject of a new book by writer Cat Yaffe.

Letters penned in anger, love, regret and frustration are being collected by Miss Yaffe for a series of books due to be published next year.

She has set herself a target of collecting 90 unsent letters in 90 days, and is looking to give talks at community centres, nursing homes and other organisations to raise awareness of the project.

Miss Yaffe is also offering to coach people who want to put their feelings into letters to be included in the book.

She said: “I got the idea after I kept a journal since I was about 13. It was always written like letters, but they have never been sent to anybody.

“I thought their must be other people out there that did the same thing.

“The letters I’ve collected so far have come from a very different range of people.”

Some made difficult reading after contributors sent in deeply personal letters.

Miss Yaffe said: “Some were to school bullies and by victims of abuse. I didn’t expect some of them to be quite so heartbreaking.”

Names and contact details will be removed from the letters, which will feature in an anthology to be published at Easter. A book of unsent letters to war heroes is also due out next November.

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