Carving a new path

Wakefield band Lorenza Woods. L-R, Trev Nichols, Matt Larkin, Sarah Green, Mik Crone.
Wakefield band Lorenza Woods. L-R, Trev Nichols, Matt Larkin, Sarah Green, Mik Crone.

two very familiar faces comprise half the line-up of Lorenza Woods – but Mik Crone and Trev Nicholls are adamant their new band is not a KO.Kaine mark two.

Having called time last year on KO.Kaine after a decade of highs and frustrations, the pair were anxious to make a clean break from their past.

With Sarah Green fronting the outfit there’s immediately a big visual difference, while her creative input, allied to a change of tack from Mik and Trev, ensures the band arrives with a distinctive musical identity, too.

Nevertheless, there’s still one unbreakable link with the pair’s heritage, as Trev explained.

He said: “What Lorenza Woods have done so far is actually unreleased KO.Kaine material, with Sarah having written new vocals and reworked all the melodies.”

“It’s more commercial than what we’ve done before,” added Mik. “It’s always a problem when you say that, because people want to pigeon-hole you, but we’re definitely moving away from a heavier approach.

“In a way, we’re going back to what we grew up with as Wakefield musicians, which was bands such as Pylon, Milloy, Wrinkle – who became The Cribs.”

Everyone in the band is determined to avoid any hint of tokenism in employing a female vocalist, with Sarah contributing fully both musically and lyrically from the very beginning.

She said: “I’d seen these guys were looking for a singer on Facebook but I had absolutely no inclination to join them at all.

“Then I saw Trev in a pub and he said ‘are you going to audition for my band?’ I thought they wanted a straight replacement so I still said ‘no’ given my more indie background. But that was then – and this is now!”

Mik continued: “Although Sarah’s had no formal training she’s a very musical person, she can play the guitar as well as sing, so her input is crucial.”

“It was very important for me not to be standing at the front in big heels and a pretty dress,” added Sarah.

Given Mik and Trev’s mixed experience of record companies, they’ve embraced the DIY approach for the first Lorenza Woods release.

“We’ve put it out through iTunes and Amazon,” said Trev. “Even when we were signed to a label we were having to organise our own gigs and publicity, so really it’s no different now to what we’ve been accustomed to.

“We don’t know where the band will go, we’re not in it looking to be famous, the important thing to us is to be true to ourselves in the music we create.”

The band’s first Wakefield appearance is at Black Flag tonight (Friday). Go to www.loren to find out more.