Memorial concert will be a fitting tribute to Wakefield musician Liam Pease-Smith

Liam Pease-Smith
Liam Pease-Smith

Bands will take to the stage in memory of a musician who died last month.

A concert will be hosted at The Hop following the death of Liam Pease-Smith, aged 24.

And it will include performances from Runaround Kids, St Gregory Orange, Three Sheets T’Wind, Yard Wars, Salvage My Dream, and The Bambinos, who Liam once wrote for.

There will be an open mic session for people to play a couple of songs, read poems, or say a few words.

And Liam’s old creative writing club teacher Michael Drabble will read a selection of Liam’s poems at the event.

Organiser Robin Fisher, who was a close friend of Liam, said the concert would raise funds for his family and the Mind mental health charity.

He said: “This event is an attempt to bring together his friends and family to pay tribute and celebrate his life.

“It is a public event so anyone is welcome to attend and hear some great music and hear some thoughtful words.

“We are raising money for the charity and his family who have now been landed with a rather large funeral bill.”

Liam, who was from Pontefract but recently lived in Outwood, was best known for his fiery stage presence, fronting a band called By By.

He played keyboard and had a unique singing style, and was appreciated by fellow music fans for his honesty and enthusiasm, both of which shone through in his performances.

Rob Stokes, whose label Philophobia Music, released some of Liam’s material, told the Express last month that had held a “vital place” in the city’s music scene.

The event, takes place on Saturday, June 22 called Liam Fest, includes a cake sale and will begin at 6pm. It costs £5.