15 photos that will bring back memories of a night out in Wakefield's Buzz Bar

Do you remember partying in Wakefield's Buzz Bar back in 2005, 2006 and 2009?

A night out a Buzz
A night out a Buzz

If so, we might have taken your picture - take a look at our snaps from the infamous Buzz Bar.

Birthday girl Helen with Abby and Rachel in Buzz Bar 2010.
Terry, Tom and Ben in Buzz 2010.
Ben and Sarah in 2010

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    Mark, Joe, Will and James in 2006
    Carry and Regan out in 2006
    David and Laura in 2006
    Zoe and Courtney have a night out in 2006.
    Steve, John and Nick on a boys night out in 2006.
    Rachel, Victoria and Sam in 2006.
    Martin and Jeff in 2006.
    Anita, Emma and Faye in Buzz.
    Elgan, Antonia and Chris - Buzz
    Anna and Chris in 2005.
    Holly and Nikki in 2005.