Angus, Thongs and Even More Snogging

Ryan McBride’s production of Leeds born Louise Rennison’s witty tale of teenage dilemma makes its debut at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Angus, Thongs and even more Snogging is about typical young teenage girls who hang out with their mates, chatting about boys and trying to work out where they have got to on the snog-o-meter which ranges from holding hands to the full monty.

Admittedly, the main dilemmas facing Georgia Nicholson are her embarrassing parents, her massive nose and how to entice the sex god Robbie away from the drippy school prefect Wet Lindsay. With the help of her best friend Jas, a self-help book provided by her mother, and a free lesson from the local snogging tutor she devises a snogfastic plan.

There is never a dull moment in this lively play, musical numbers provided by the Stiff Dylans, Robbie’s band and a sub plot involving poor Angus, the crazy cat trying to avoid being hauled off to the vets for the snip. The audition for the school play is unusual and very funny. I don’t often laugh out loud.

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Excellent performances from all the cast, particularly Naomi Peterson as Georgia in her first professional production and Lewis Rayner also fresh out of drama school is so sweet as Dave the Laugh, the mate who would like to be more. Even I had a few Ahhhhh moments.The play is pitched to keep both teenagers and parents entertained and judging by the reaction at the end of the play I would say it succeeded. A great night out for girls (and boys) whatever their age.

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