The Weird, Wonderful Web

Each week we bring you some weird and wonderful stories from our websites to put a smile on your face at the start of the weekend. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

It brings a whole new complexion to Wor Horse... We all saw and sniggered at the dopey Newcastle fan trying to pick a fight with a police horse after his side got stuffed in their local derby - did anyone else enjoy as much as I did the look on the other horse’s face as it thought ‘You? Fight us? Really??” Anyway the gee-gee in question is alive and well and recovering after its terrifying brush with utter stupidity. Click here

And on a similar theme, here’s the effect the twerp in question was aiming for - they do it properly in the Wild West, you know. Click here

Speaking of halfwits playing chicken with things more than twice your size... Check out this foolish young man trying to hitch a ride in front of an enormous great big lorry. Click here

Planning your summer holiday and want to make sure the beaches aren’t too crowded? Or perhaps your husband has hogged the TV remote once too often and you’re seeking revenge. Here’s an idea.Click here

Just because you’re northern and, erm, big boned does not necessarily make you a dead ringer for Peter Kaye. It didn’t however stop this chap posing as the comedian’s brother. Click here

And finally... This isn’t a particularly funny story in itself but check out this wonderfully bearded man in his ale fest T-shirt - there is simply nothing that says beer festival more than he does! Quality. Click here

More next week!