Free marketing help for up to 10 local businesses

Knottingley-based advertising agency Zest & Punch is offering to manage the social media advertising for up to 10 local businesses free for three weeks.

By Julie Marshall
Thursday, 15th April 2021, 2:02 pm
The team at Zest and Punch
The team at Zest and Punch

Co-owner Jae Bedford said the firm wanted to run an initiative to help small business owners in Wakefield advertise their business on social media.

He added: "We think that this is a really ripe time given that showrooms and premises are open again and the service economy is continuing to pick up.

"We and many other agencies would normally charge £500 a month for this service and bring in leads worth five or six times this or more depending on the industry.

"The people who this will help the most are those who have a social media presence of some sort, have never run adverts on social media but are thinking about doing so.

"By working with us they'll be able to see if running ads is viable for their business without the upfront management costs that they'd normally be hit with.

"The only cost to them would be the amount of budget they felt comfortable with which they're more than likely to make back."

For more information email Jae at [email protected]