Google coach on how to make a firm fly online

It's not just big established businesses that can have a strong presence online. Here are ways in which you can be found more easily and attract new customers.

Google's Digital Garage in Sheffield. Amy Coghlan of Attercliffe-based Plastic Tokens
Google's Digital Garage in Sheffield. Amy Coghlan of Attercliffe-based Plastic Tokens

Make sure you are visible:

You don’t need to immediately invest in a website, although it is generally worth the effort. You can get your business online quickly by signing up for a free ‘Google my Business’ page which displays your location, opening hours and reviews.

Be ‘mobile ready’:

People in the UK spend two hours on their smartphones every day, twice as long as on laptops and PCs. Make sure your website is navigable on mobile and has a design that formats properly for a smaller screen. Make sure that phone numbers and emails are clickable - if it’s too hard to contact you most people will just try elsewhere!

Think about social:

Set up social media accounts and make sure to include a link to your website in the bio section. Here you can share information and offers with customers, speak directly to them and learn from their feedback. But use it responsibly – it’s another shop front for your business.

Be visual!

It’s so much easier to understand what a product or service is like when there is a picture alongside. Make sure you invest in good photography and think about how videos could work so that potential customers can visualise their purchase first.

Measure your progress:

It’s important to measure what is and what isn’t working by learning how to understand the analytics of any software you are using. Yorkshire-based Jonathan Blackburn used Google Adwords to advertise his company ‘The Houseman’. However, he found he was receiving a lot of irrelevant enquiries and it was only when he learnt how to understand and use the analytics that he could tweak the process and target the right audiences.

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