Wakefield wages still below national average - council claims economic progress

Wages in Wakefield are more than £70 per week below the national average, according to an economic report.

By Don Mort
Monday, 27th January 2014, 3:53 pm

The report ranks the district 50th out of 64 UK cities for earnings, despite a rise in average pay of £18 per week during the last year.

Published today, the State of the Cities study shows wages in Wakefield were still £72 behind the national average of £502.20 per week.

Wakefield Council said the report showed improvements in the city’s economy since the recession and that the city was fourth best in terms of wage growth, a rise of 38 places based on weekly average earnings in 2013.

The district also rose 12 places for the number of patents issued, five places for its business start-up rate and five places for the percentage of the district covered by superfast broadband.

Council leader Peter Box said: “We want to deliver real change that benefits people and business by creating more and better jobs, and nurturing economic growth. Today’s report shows that we are making good headway towards achieving this.

“There is more to do and we are working hard to continue to address the challenges we still face.

“We will also continue to build on our successes, which have transformed Wakefield and our increased reputation as one of the UK’s best cities for employers and investors to work with.”