Wakefield care home 'acknowledges failings' after claims woman was dressed in another resident's clothes

The family of a care home resident claimed she was found dressed in another person's clothes.

By David Spereall
Friday, 5th November 2021, 4:09 pm
The claims were revealed in a report by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, which handles complaints from members of the public.

The woman was allegedly dressed wrongly by staff despite her name being sewn into her own belongings, a report by the Social Care Ombudsman said.

The report did not name the care home where the incident was said to have taken place, although it was within the Wakefield district.

It said the care provider "acknowledged failings in some areas" and said it would put new procedures in place.

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The Ombudsman detailed how the woman's family raised several concerns with the care home.

These included an outbreak of scabies within the home, which they suggested, "Was not properly managed at the earliest opportunity."

They also complained there was, "Poor, contradictory, and evasive communication and staff were rude and unprofessional."

At one point, it was claimed the woman's daughter was told to find another home if she was unhappy with the standard of care.

According to the Ombudsman, the care home said some of the family's comments referred to the behaviour of "disgruntled employees who had since left."

However, the report said the provider had acknowledged some failings and had devised an action plan to minimise the risk of future incidents.

The report said managers will, "Implement new procedures for naming clothes including new items brought in and regularly check wardrobes and drawers.

"It says it will communicate with family members when mistakes occur."

According to the report, the home insisted no residents were diagnosed with scabies.

However, it was explained that the provider "Implemented a scabies treatment plan for all staff and residents when scabies was confirmed.

"It will ensure in future it refers information it receives about a possible outbreak at the earliest possible stage."

The Ombudsman said it would not investigate the woman's complaint further as it felt it could not add to the provider's own response.

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