Pinderfields Hospital's maternity unit told to improve, but you praise its midwives and staff

A health regulator's report calling for care in Pinderfields Hospital's materning unit to improve has been met with mixed reaction from you, our readers - and mums who have given birth there.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 11:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 12:25 pm
Midwives have been praised by patients following the report.
Midwives have been praised by patients following the report.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said that some women who'd been booked in at the Wakefield site's birth centre were experiencing "significant delays", as it prepares to take on more mums-to-be.

Pinderfields may have to accommodate more births next year, as a result of the proposed closure of the maternity unit at Pontefract Hospital.

FULL STORY: Maternity unit at Pinderfields Hospital needs to improveThe Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust, which runs both sites, said in October that the Friarwood Birth Centre at Pontefract was being "grossly" underused, as it explained the reasons behind the move, which has not yet been given final approval.

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Taking a our Facebook page, readers, and mums who have given birth at the unit, gave their views, both good and bad.

Here's what they said:

Jo Morgan: "I’ve just given birth there , no issues whatsoever and to top it all off as we were low risk and a straight forward delivery we are now back home with our feet up! It’s true what they say, midwives do not get the credit they deserve.

Lisa Nicholls: " Having given birth here 7 weeks ago I couldn’t disagree more. The care I received was first class. The midwives were amazing! They went above and beyond my expectations. I had difficulty breastfeeding and the midwives came and spent lots of time helping me with my little boy. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I was very well cared for.They do an amazing job! They definitely need a pay rise in my eyes."

Joanne Jones: I cannot fault this hospital! I’ve had two very high risk pregnancy’s and 2 premature births (35 & 30 weeks)! The staff here saved both mine and my little boys life! Nothing but respect for them."

Linz Clarence said: "I found them fantastic! All the midwives were amazing!"

Ghauri Richardson: "I couldn’t praise the staff enough, they were amazing and made me feel so safe and well looked after."

Amanda Brook said: Sadly this hospital is pushed to the max. I had to be induced because I had a big baby and I was high risk due to a number previous losses. Sadly I was on induction ward for four days. The first time I was meant to go in it was cancelled because no beds. But, I have to say, I needed a section in the end and I couldn't fault the hospital what so ever. They were amazing. They truly were. My baby came out in theatre with her cord twice wrapped round her neck. Section was defintely the right decision. I can't thank them enough for all the care and support I received. Considering how pushed the are. They do their very best."

Jane Ruddock Durham: "You have got to feel for them they all do a great job at Pinders."

Ricci Simone Burton: "Midwives deserve credit, not so great with my first, escalated to high risk and the consultants were useless, but had two absolutely fantastic midwives with my second. All these cuts are ridiculous when lives are at risks."

Louise Treadwell: "I couldn't fault the staff when I had my daughter they worked hard but the NHS is failing mums, babies and the midwives especially. I hardly saw my midwife during labour because she had 2 more women to care for, this is the pressure these midwives are under and this is what happens when 3 delivery units are merged into one. Hospitals aren't the ones who are failing us government cutbacks are."

Rachel Longlands: "I had to be induced due to too much waters surrounding my baby and yet I had to wait 4 full days before breaking my waters /going to labour ward because they were too busy. Once I got to labour ward the midwives there were amazing and I couldn't fault them, it was such a shame though that we had to spend so much time there and away from my other children."

Josie Darwell: "When was this supposed to be as they have always been very good with my self at triage unit if there's no room.on labour ward what are they supposed to do if people don't ring ahead when they get told to."

Alex Elizabeth Hunnisett said: "Which is why I chose LGI to have my little girl in. Its not their fault though, NHS cutbacks, lack of beds and staff and its always the staff that get it in the neck! I chose the LGI because they're a teaching hospital so there are more staff and the children's hospital on site which was very lucky as my little one was very poorly. Hope things improve soon!"

Jamie Leigh said: "I went up at 12 days over 3cm dilated and got sent home to wait for a bed for my waters to be broke. Was told there was no risk to baby till i was 14 days over. My mum rung up next morning kicking off and they got me in straight away and i had him hour and half later. No way was i risking my baby been left 14 days over. Can't fault the midwives they were lovely, just a joke how they're willing to risk peoples babies and leave you so long."

Joanne Jones: "All of you saying ‘ consultant ‘ took ages ect, do you honestly think they are sat having a cup of tea? No they are seeing to a emergency, and when it’s a emergency you are seen straight away! I’ve been that person taking up 5 consultants, 3 midwife and whoever else’s time! Everyone moaning about waiting hours and hours in A&E. If you're a emergency you are seen straight away, if you're there 12 hours then maybe it’s something that could be done at walk in center or GP."

Paul Bennett: " Cut, after cut, after cut. This is what you get through trying to move all services to one hospital. Doesn't it tell you that the more they cut money and staff, the worse the service gets, and this doesnt necessarily apply just to the NHS neither."

Sophie Walsh: "They didn’t get me a bed in time for giving birth, had to do it in a room with 3/4 other people."

Dolce Vita said: " Amazing midwives and I hope someone would appreciate them all a bit more when most of them work none stop sometimes without any break or even cup of tea more then 12 hours a day,not seeing their kids and families."