Your say: Mixed reaction from Wakefield over facemask axe from July 19

The Prime Minister told people in England that it will be left to their "judgement" to manage the risks of coronavirus as he prepares to end lockdown restrictions on July 19.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 12:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 12:50 pm

Boris Johnson told the public in a news conference yesterday that we must "begin to learn to live with this virus", even though scientists have voiced their concern about restrictions ending when cases have been rising in the country.

We asked readers if they welcomed the news on facemasks becoming compulsory and plan to ditch them, or if they would continue to take the precaution - especially in public places.

And there was a mixed reaction with many saying they would not be wearing a facemask from the 19th, while many others said they would continue to in places such as supermarkets and on public transport.

Mixed reaction from Wakefield over facemask axe from July 19
Mixed reaction from Wakefield over facemask axe from July 19

Here are just a few views of people from Wakefield:

Nanette Bramwell said: "Will continue to take any necessary precautions to keep myself and those around me healthy. We are going to have to live with this virus for many years to come so use your common sense, it's not hard."

Anne Place said: "I will use my common sense If I'm not well stay away from crowds , but welcome not having to wear one."

Gillian Smith: "I want to get rid of mine very painful when when you were all day at work must have one ear bigger than other constantly in pain tested three times a week in my job so I would like to take mine off if in a crowd I would put one on."

Jan Johnson: "Being asthmatic I will definitely wear one on buses and planes if we get chance ! I usually get a couple of really bad chest infections every year this hasn't happened since masks became mandatory so it makes sense for me."

Ruth Walker: "I'll certainly keep wearing mine in crowded places..... if I don't feel safe etc."

Diane Anderson: "I will be keeping my mask wearing going especially in shops and on public transport. It is just to get his mates in business some coin during the summer and when it goes pear shaped in the autumn and winter we will be back into lockdown."

Andrew Parkes: "Not sure yet , tbh. I think situations may dictate my behaviour. Encloses spaces/ proximity to people I may be inclined to wear one."

Jade Mulvey: "Hate wearing one, but they must work not had a cold , tonsillitis, chest infection since everyone been wearing them and I got something twice a year before that, so will wear them in public places."

There were quite a few who can't wait to ditch the masks for good:

Neil Watson: said: "Banish it for good, waste of time anyway, because most people don't know how to wear em."

Andy Procter: "Just live with it, like we've done with flu for centuries, it's here to stay."

Janette Holford: "No I won't be wearing one we've to just be sensible and I just want to live my life now ..we are going to have to live with Covid just like flu."

Louise Golding: "Won't be wearing one! Can't get rid of it quick enough! It's been a long time coming."

Kelly Smith said: "Mine will be going in the bin."

Jonny Bannerman said: "Stopped wearing them ages ago. If other people can’t be be bothered wearing them neither can I."