All you need to know about international driving permits

There could be new rules for driving abroad after BrexitThere could be new rules for driving abroad after Brexit
There could be new rules for driving abroad after Brexit
If you want to drive abroad if a no-deal Brexit goes ahead then you may need an International Driving Permit.

Here's all you need to know about what to do:

* On Friday, February 1, the AA and RAC stopped issuing the permits - instead they are now available at 2,500 Post Offices across the country.

* The IDPs cost £5.50 and there are three available (1926, 1949 and 1968) depending on which country you are visiting. You may need both types if you are travelling through more than one country, for example Spain and France.

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* To apply for an IDP you will need a full valid UK driving licence - photocard or an older paper licence - a passport sized photo and an original valid passport as proof of identification, if presenting an older paper version licence.

* IDPs are valid for one to three years depending on the type required for your destination country. It can be used in as many countries as you wish providing you have the correct version.

* You can apply three months before you travel, however a permit cannot be backdated.

* Ireland has ratified the 1949 road traffic convention but does not require foreign drivers to carry an IDP in addition to their driving licence. As such, if you hold a UK driving licence you should not need an IDP to drive in Ireland from March 29.

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The Association of British Insurers has said that if you travel without one, you may be breaking the law. Green cards - essentially just a paper document rather than an actual card - proves that the motorist has the necessary third-party motor cover.

The new rules will affect people who drive across the Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland border, anyone planning to take their vehicle to European countries and freight companies transporting goods into the EU after March 29. You will need to contact your insurer at least one month before travelling.

For more on green cards click here.