‘Common sense needs to prevail’ say councillors who are backing pub’s beer garden petition

“Common Sense needs to prevail”. That is the view of two ward councillors who are backing a Pontefract pub to preserve its beer garden following a huge wave of support.

More than 4,000 people have signed an online petition for The Robin Hood’s outside area to remain as it looks, despite town planners saying the steel trellis has to be removed because it was not in keeping with the area.

Many disagree and say the trellis, with plants being grown over the structure, makes it look attractive and inviting.

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Councillors George Ayre and Clive Tennant both agree a re-think is needed by Wakefield Council’s planning department.

Coun Tennant said: “I support the trellis being kept in place. I believe it has made the area more appealing to people entering the town and will encourage people to support The Robin Hood, which is vital to sustain the business as the hospitality trade is suffering in the current crisis.”

Coun Ayre added: “It looks well, where it used to be a brick wall and a haven for litter, now Dean (Smith, the owner) has worked on it, it’s brightened up a once dark corner.

“I don’t understand why planning would not want to enhance this area rather than reverting it back to a dark ugly corner again.

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“Common sense needs to prevail and a favourable decision needs to be made.”

The Wakefield Road pub was told it could keep the seating area, which is next to the pub, after applying for retrospective planning permission.

But to have a chance of reversing the decision over the trellis Mr Smith was told he must appeal.

Wakefield Council had said it would also be open for discussion to help find an ‘alternative solution’.

To sign the petition, log onto Change.org and search “Robin Hood pub”.