Karen Wright: Father's Day bumper breakfast bap

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday!

By Jane Chippindale
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 8:45 pm

Karen Wright writes: In the UK we celebrate the day on the third Sunday in June, so the actual date is never fixed.

Of course, there are cards and gifts in abundance in the shops for every celebration under the sun but what can you do for your father figure that is a bit of a change from the norm?

You could cook him something a bit different for breakfast perhaps?

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Father's Day breakfast bap

I was working on a recipe recently that I thought would fit the bill quite nicely for a meaty fix – a bumper breakfast butty for this very special occasion.

If you don’t want meaty just swap out the sausages for vegan or vegetarian ones.

Starting with sausages of your choice.

There are so many varieties out there.

Sausages with sticky whiskey marmalade

You could try venison or Aberdeen Angus, both found in supermarkets during my research.

Cook the sausages in a frying pan and at the halfway stage add a sliced red onion and a splash of oil. I used chilli oil for a bit of a kick.

Then add a splash of balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a tablespoon of whiskey marmalade and a squeeze of honey.

If you can’t find whiskey marmalade, you can just add a splosh of whiskey into regular marmalade.

Breakfast treat for Father’s Day

Bubble all these things up on a gentle heat and the mixture should reduce and become quite sticky.

I added a sliced up red chilli pepper too. If your dad likes a bit of spice in his food try this too!

I served my sausages two ways; the first was in a large bread bun with a nice slice of beef tomato and a drizzle of Daddies brown sauce, it had to be done!

The second was in a soft wrap, the type you get a shawarma in.

I added a bit of baby leaf salad, tomato, a big cooked portobello mushroom and a bit of parsley.

Serve with a big pot of tea or coffee.

I tried this recipe out on my husband and he gave it a big thumbs up. He said it was so delicious and very filling.

Give it a try, but remember, if there is anything you don’t have or fancy in the ingredients, just give it a twist with something else and make it your own firm family favourite!

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