Karen Wright: Papas arrugadas a tasty potato dish eaten in the Canary Islands

Today I am writing my column from a very sunny and warm Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Karen Wright writes: It’s the last day of our holiday and my suitcase is packed, ready for flying back home this afternoon.

What a week we have had!

Within an hour of arriving at our hotel my uncle unfortunately had a fall and his first night’s accommodation was in the hospital.

Papas arrugadas a traditional boiled potato dish eaten in the Canary Islands. Photo: Adobe

Fortunately he is made of strong stuff and it hasn’t stopped him enjoying the rest of the week.

We have even been on a boat trip to watch whales swimming alongside us.

The Canary Islands is one of the top European destinations for whale and dolphin watching. It was absolutely fantastic.

The hotel is all-inclusive, a first time experience for me.

Karen holidaying in Tenerife

I’ve enjoyed everything about it, but the food especially.

As you know, I do lots of cooking and baking which I love, however, it has been a real treat to be catered for.

There was so much choice at the self-service buffet and everything on offer was my cup of tea, except perhaps the actual tea.

I should have packed my Yorkshire Tea tea bags!

Karen enjoying herself in Tenerife

One of the speciality dishes over here is papas arrugadas (Canarian potatoes or wrinkled potatoes) and they were served twice during the week.

I made some at home just before we came away to get myself in the holiday mood.

The potatoes used are the tiny salad ones that cook quickly and they are boiled in just enough water to cover them.

Traditionally the potatoes were boiled in seawater but heavily salted water does the trick, I used about two tablespoons of sea salt.

The water evaporates during cooking and the potatoes become wrinkly and grey.

I know this sounds dreary and not particularly appetising but when served with traditional Canary Islands sauces mojo picon (spicy chili pepper garlic sauce) or mojo cilantro (refreshing green sauce), they are totally delicious!

Next week I’m on the TV! You can see me in Channel 5’s Live at the Caravan Show on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm.

You know how much I love my caravan and I had a great time filming this recently in Derbyshire.

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