Karen Wright: Valentine's Day rhubarb dessert

After a weekend away from home it was back to normal in my office last week, my office being my kitchen.

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 12:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 12:46 pm
Karen's rhubarb syllabub

I had a very near miss with a cake commission that I have been working on for a few weeks. I usually work on my “artistic” pieces in our conservatory. When storm Ciara made its entrance it was raining so hard that it was leaking in and it took two of us to lift my almost finished piece away from danger, thank goodness I was at home when it started. The fence in our drive was a casualty too but compared to some we got away with it lightly.

On Tuesday I had a meeting at the Mechanics Theatre in Wood Street. The meeting was ahead of the screening of the premiere of a made for TV film pilot called Clara. Clara Clarkson was one of 'The Forgotten Women of Wakefield' and I have been asked to the premieres on Sunday, March 8. There are two screenings one in the afternoon and the other in the evening and I will be on stage after each screening to interview some of the cast. I am very excited about this, it is going to be great.

Next week I am booked to help host the Caravan and Motorhome Club stand at the NEC in Birmingham, I am to work alongside Matt Allwright. You know him off the telly, who amongst other shows is known for presenting Fake Britain, Rogue Traders and The One Show. It will be a case of watch and learn for me!

Valentine's Day dessert you might not want to share!

The Wakefield Rhubarb Festival is almost here. On Saturday I went off and bought two and a half kilos of rhubarb as I thought it was about time that I got my act together and started some recipe development for the festival. Plus, I did promise last week that I would put up a very simple, light, indulgent rhubarb recipe suitable for Valentine's Day. I decided on a rhubarb syllabub.

A syllabub is an old fashioned, sweet, frothy dessert popular in the 16th century. Really it is just a bit like a fool, in this case a rhubarb one but with the addition of a little wine in the creamy mixture. I decided a sharing dessert would be appropriate for Valentine's Day and used a large gin goblet as a serving dish. It was gorgeous and I took it along with me on Sunday as an offering when we went for a meal at my aunt and uncle's house.


200g chopped rhubarb

40g caster sugar

50ml wine (I used a rhubarb wine but white is fine)

1 tsp ginger powder


280g carton double cream

1 tbs icing sugar

2 ginger biscuits

Method: Place the rhubarb, caster sugar, wine and ginger powder in a pan. Cook on medium heat until the rhubarb softens. Using a slotted spoon remove some of the rhubarb from the pan and bubble up the juices to thicken slightly. Return the rhubarb to the pan and leave to cool. Meanwhile whisk the cream and icing sugar to soft peaks. Crush the ginger biscuits. Once the rhubarb mixture is cold stir a little through the cream gently. Layer into a large glass, starting with the cream, then the crushed biscuits and then rhubarb, repeat until the glass is full finishing with cream with ginger crumbs on the top. Keep in the fridge until serving.

I will be serving the syllabub as one of my recipes on Sunday, February 23 at the festival.

Well readers, hope you all have a good week and if Valentine's Day is not a sharing day for you, don’t worry make that dessert just for yourself!

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