Team of Pontefract solicitors helping to feed the homeless using a bucket pulley

A team of solicitors are helping to feed the homeless by using an old fashioned bucket pulley system.

By Olivia Hale
Monday, 23rd March 2020, 1:57 pm
Woods Solicitors support Pontefract Community Kitchen feeding the homeless

Erna Steele of Woods Solicitors and also a Pontefract Community Kitchen volunteer came up with the idea when she became concerned about feeding the homeless.

So staff at the Pontefract Criminal law firm have been safely lowering down hot food and warm drinks down to street level for those in need.

Erna said, “We did some trials using the bucket and it worked, we keep the window open and those outside can shout up through the window if they’re hungry or thirsty and we send them down some food and a hot drink.”

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The Pontefract Community Kitchen motto is 'unity in the community

“We have set times where we can place pot noodles, cuppa soups and other bits in the bucket and lower it to the street.”

“This is what we have been doing at work to stay safe and feed the homeless - Pontefract Community Kitchen’s motto is Unity in the Community.

“I’m so thankful for to Kevin Walker, Katelin Sheriff and Benjamin Bell, because they’ve been supportive of Pontefract Community Kitchen and are extremely keen to help those in need.”

Pontefract Community Kitchen is a charity run by volunteers who serve hot food, hot drinks and provide help to those in need.

A team of solicitors are helping to feed the homeless by using an old fashioned bucket pulley system

They recently obtained their own premises after operating from The Real Bread Company cafe.

However, the kitchen cannot serve food to the homeless due to COVID-19.

Richard Canning, Partner of Woods Solicitors said: "Woods Solicitors, led by the efforts of Erna Steele, actively supports Pontefract Community Kitchen through volunteering and direct donations.

“We strongly believe in helping those who are hardest hit and will continue to support this excellent charity throughout these difficult times."

To donate food, call at Woods Solicitors on Beastfair on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Donations can either be left at the door for collection or can be placed into the bucket.

They are asking for donations of pasta sachets, pot noodles, pasta pots, pot porridge and anything else that hot water can be added to.