Try these simple ideas to uplift your home for the summer

Spring and summer is a great time to refresh your living space and lift your spirits along with your home.

The following ways can alter the look of your interior dramatically, from the easy and effective that cost little, through to investing a bit more and adding structural change:

Create more usable space

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The most common and the most efficient way to improve your house is to create more storage space.

It is always possible to simply add more shelves or a kitchen island, but you could also turn a neglected closet into a great pantry or turn the space under your stairs into a little library or the perfect hallway wardrobe.

Choose new colors

Probably the most significant change you can make in a room is repainting the walls. You might find that an accent wall or a fully blue living room is all that you needed to inject new life and energy. Choose any color you wish and express your personality.

Or you could experiment with wallpaper: for example, try using round shapes in a room full of rectangles and see what works.

Make the most of mood lighting

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Adding new windows will elevate the environment, as sunlight flooding a room in the morning, as well as during the golden hour of the evening, brings instant feel-good to an interior.

Skylights can be a great addition too, or carefully placed artificial light to create a welcoming ambience.

Use mirrors to create volume

Making small or average rooms look bigger is an easy enough task, as all you need are well placed mirrors to reflect light and space. This can be done to great effect, for example, in a narrow hallway.

If your goal is to make a room appear smaller, you can do so by painting either a wall or the ceiling in a darker colour.

Build a glass link

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Renovations on the more expensive side could include a glass link from house to studio, or to any other structure, to give the illusion of being outside without exposing you or any part of your house to the weather. Perfect for old farmhouses or any property with multiple buildings.

Consider eco-friendly renovations

These renovations can be done in two ways: the first is by keeping changes simple while saving money and the planet, the second is to completely renovate your home and lifestyle for an almost zero carbon footprint.

In the first case, consider installing solar panels on your roof, insulating the walls, roof and floors to consume less energy, or installing double-glazed windows to save on heating costs.

Create a connection to the garden

Try placing plants, of all sizes and shapes, anywhere you can inside, to create communion with nature, and support your mental health.

Update your flooring

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It could surprise you how much floors contribute to the feel of a whole room. Updating it might be key to solving all your problems.

This can be taken to the next level by adding some fancy flooring, or using tiles to create a picture or a distinctive pattern, perhaps.

Make the most of sloping ceilings

If you have a weird shaped ceiling, don’t give up hope, as these corners can still be used both practically and aesthetically.

You could add a small chest as interesting storage space, or use as a decorative focal point in some way.

Use stencils to add character to walls and furniture

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You can either make stencils or buy them, and use them to revitalize old furniture or a wall. It's a low risk renovation as you can always paint over and start again if you don’t like the result.

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