IN PICTURES: Today marks one year since the demolition of the cooling towers at Ferrybridge Power Station

This time last year four of the cooling towers at Ferrybridge Power Station C, that each stand over 100 metres tall were demolished - with just seconds between each explosion.

Tuesday, 13th October 2020, 4:45 pm
Residents were evacuated from the area

On Sunday October 13 2019, crowds gathered at points of interest to watch the series of controlled blasts that took place at the Ferrybridge Power Station C site...

Due to the size and scale of the demolition, 145 surrounding homes were evacuated on the day - they watched the explosions from a gazebo adjacent to the site
The Prince of Wales Hospice were in attendance

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The 'boom' sound of the explosion could be heard for miles around
The residents were served tea, coffee and sausage sandwiches as they awaited the demolition
Pre-COVID, the remaining towers were scheduled for a separate demolition
Residents enjoyed each other's company in the gazebo
The rainy weather would settle the explosion debris on the day
Captured just minutes before the explosion
Crowds of people had their phones at the ready to capture the spectacle on camera
In a matter of seconds, four of the mighty towers came crashing down
The towers came crashing down with just seconds between each explosion
Airline pilots had been warned in advance and rolling road blocks were put in place to halt drivers as far as 10 miles away
Onlookers said the towers looked be to 'folding in on themselves'