Tiny travelers take charge in Merry Hill travel agents

Would you let your children to book your family holiday for you?

New research suggests UK kids crave more responsibility over the family holiday, and Marella Cruises are giving them the chance.

Today, Marella Cruises put adventure-craving youngsters in charge of a desk at their Merry Hill store, as recent research from the cruise company reveals that tiny-travelers really want more power over what they do on their holiday.

The enterprising kids found themselves ready to serve sun-seeking customers, with keen cruisers stopping in to book their 2018 travels with the teeny travel agents.

An independent study produced by Marella Cruises, the UK's third largest cruise line, found what would happen if you let your children plan your holiday.

Nearly a third (31.9%) of little ones stated that spending time with parents is the most important thing to do on a holiday. In comparison, a meagre 2.8% of those surveyed would want to play on their phone.

The great outdoors also triumphed over tech, with a quarter of kids (25.5%) saying they'd rather explore and go on an adventure than stare at a screen whilst on their family holiday.

The research also revealED children thrive when being involved with the holiday planning, with 59% wanting the freedom to choose the family activities and over half (51%) stating they would feel more grown up if their parents let them pick where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do whilst away.

Marella Cruises conducted the research before putting their findings to the test by sending YouTube vlogging family, The Saccone Jolys on a Marella Cruise '“ but with a twist.

The entire itinerary has been planned by their five-year-old daughter Emilia, who has been given free rein to organise the family holiday. To see their adventures, go to https://www.tui.co.uk/cruise/marella-by-u/#whatkidsreallywant where you can also follow their cruise itinerary.

Marella Cruises have made it their mission to make you feel special, whoever you are, whatever your age and whatever your interests. From the amazing activities and plethora of programmes on-board, to the exciting excursions ashore '“ they have something for everyone, to suit every taste. This year, they have put this to the test, introducing Marella By U, putting all different people and personalities in the middle.