24 photos that will take you back to a night on the town in Wakefield club Quest in 2005

It was the year you would have been hitting the dance floor to the Pussycat Dolls' Don't Cha, Kanye West's Gold Digger and Bodyrockers' I Like the Way - yep, it was 2005.

Quest nights out in 2005
Quest nights out in 2005

And here are some photos from our archives that show you Wakefield folk having a good time in Quest. We also found some gems from Mustang Sally's and Flares

Take a look!

Ashley, Danny, Azzer, Amber and Tom at Quest on December 29 2004.
Sammy, Steve and Becky having a night out on December 29 2004.
Gemma, Natalie and Anna - Okujou bar in Quest, 2004.
Kim, Tom and Mandy on a night out on March 23 2005.
Jodie, Gemma, Dawn and Sam out in Quest on April 2 2005.
Fay and Jade out on the town in April 2005.
Chris, Ian and Simon pictured enjoying a night out in April 2005.
Michelle, Kerry, Caroline and Jenny have a catch up over a drink in 2005.
Meliss and Emily having a drink or two in Quest in 2005.
Ryan, Cliveson, Adam, Danny, Ash and Chris on a lads night out in April 2005.
Charlotte and Rachel together in Quest in 2005.
Emily and Steven dress to impress in 2005.
Laura Lauren and Phil get their photo taken on their night out in Quest in 2005.
Jenny and Nicky having a laugh in Quest.
Micky, Amy, Richard, Sam and Louise enjoying a few drinks in May 2005.
Gemma and Natalie.
Emma, Joanne and Karen have a great night out in 2005.
Becky, Matty and Donna smile for the camera in June 2005.
James. Rob and Mike have a night on the town in August 2005.
Lizzie, Michaela, Jenny and Jackie have a catch up over a drink in 2005.
Kyle and Luke in Okujou.
Sarah, Emma and Laura have a few laughs on their night out in November 2005.
Arron, Richard and Anthony looking chilled out in November 2005.
Trisha and Karl have a night out in Quest.