24 photos that will take you back to a night out at Mustang Sally's in 2006

So far we've dug out photos of you enjoying a night on the town in Buzz Bar and Flares back in the day - now we've found a stack from Mustang Sally's.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 12:40 pm
Updated Monday, 25th March 2019, 5:08 pm
A night out at Mustang Sally's!

So, if you remember nights out with your pals in 2005 and 2006 and were regulars in the popular night spot, take a look. We might have taken a shot of you. Also, take a look back at Flares and Buzz Bar.

Cara and Dan on a night out in Mustang Sally's, April 2005.
Liz and Amber enjoying a night out in 2005.
Janine, Angela, Angela and Michelle having a night on the town in 2005.
DJ Carl Carr, Lesley and Jonathan in October 2005.
Sam, Sharon and Sarah.
James, Phil, Scott, Bacon, Fez, John and Matt enjoying a lads night out in November 2005.
Leeann and Roz in January 2006.
Lindsey, Sarah and Tamsin, January 2006.
Jane and Sue having a laugh in Mustang Sally's in February 2006.
Pamela and Emma in 2006.
Kelly, Hayley, Tracy, Lucie and Claire have a girls night out in 2006.
Alison and Lorraine pose for a picture in February 2006.
Chris and Rob enjoy a drink in Mustang Sally's back in 2006.
Ewan, Elizabeth, Ann-Marie, Hayley and Ian in February 2006.
Sue, Sharon, Elizabeth and Sue.
Steve and Dan in 2006.
Jayne and Jenni.
Lee, Zoe and Zara in 2006.
Toni and Katie in 2006.
Denise, Lisa and Bev in May 2005.
Gayle and Andrea,
Tracey and Julia in 2006.
Rebecca and friends enjoy watching the England match in Mustang Sallys. England v Ecuado on June 25 2006.
Michelle, Shelly and Shell enjoying a night out in Mustang Sally's in August 2006.