7 Tips for Hallway Storage When You Have Limited Space

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Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 3:09 pm

Good storage is the first line of defence against clutter, but if you’re lacking in hallway space, it can be difficult to keep on top of everyday items such as coats, bags and shoes. Fear not – these smart storage solutions should give you plenty of ideas for how to transform your own space.

Photo by Wickenden Hutley

Get three in one

With a hallway this compact, you can’t just add in a row of coat hooks and hope for the best. Instead, boost your storage options by investing in a trio of helpers.

First, find the largest storage bench you can comfortably fit into the space and ensure it either has a lift-up lid or doors to tuck shoes and bags out of sight. Next, add in as many coat hooks as you can squeeze along the wall above, then finally make the most of the space higher up by investing in a wall-mounted shelving unit.

Flip your hangers

Sometimes, it can pay to reverse the way you traditionally think about storage to get a fresh take on your options in a compact space.

This slim hallway doesn’t allow for a large coat cupboard with hangers stacked in a row, but by turning them flat to the wall like this, it allows for two or three coats to be hung tidily without taking up nearly as much room as if the hangers had been turned the other way.

Photo by Shape London

Make it adjustable

The owners of this small hallway needed to use all the design tools at their disposal to squeeze in enough storage for family life.

They’ve employed a couple of smart tricks to do this. First, they’ve had bespoke storage boxes built, one on the floor and one wall-mounted above, to ensure every inch of the limited space is used to best advantage.

Then they’ve slotted in a sheet of pegboard right across the central space to allow for flexible coat storage, which can be increased as required just by adding more wooden pegs. A splash of yellow paint brightens up the little space and offers a cheery welcome to guests.

Photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Choose sliding doors

If you have a long, narrow hallway and don’t want to visually clutter the space with coat hooks and shoe racks, a slim wall cupboard like this one is a neat way of sneaking in some storage while keeping the space feeling calm.

Whether you carve a little bit of space from the hallway itself or borrow from the room next door to create your cupboard, what you’ll lose in floorspace you’ll more than make up for with vertical storage. Ask a builder or carpenter if this might be a possibility in your home.

Photo by Apartment Apothecary

Utilise the back of the door

If you don’t have any free wall space at all in your hallway, don’t overlook the back of the door. A slim coat rack like this one will allow for a handful of coats and bags to be neatly stored, and you could even add in a second, lower, row underneath for organising children’s coats and school bags.

Photo by Lewis&Hill

Build right up to the ceiling

It pays to take storage right up to the ceiling in a small hallway, so look for a piece of furniture that does a similar job to this one, or ask a carpenter to make a bespoke unit for you.

Every inch of space has been maxed out in this compact hallway thanks to the combination of shoe racks, cubbyholes, wall hooks and high cupboards.

Photo by LEIVARS

Try a bespoke bench

Going bespoke can sometimes seem like a pricer option than buying off the shelf, but, for a little extra investment, you can often gain a lot in terms of practical storage.

This small bench tucks snugly into the hallway nook and makes the most of every bit of precious floorspace in such a tight corner. The tall seat height allows for maximum storage space below and the row of coat hooks above keeps jackets and bags off the floor.