9 of the best April Fools Day gags doing the rounds

So, it's April Fools Day today and there have been some quite believable 'fools' out there.

Best April fools gags
Best April fools gags

Here's a few that have been doing the rounds - did you fall for any of them? Have you done better? Let us know!

They came up with milkshake flavoured dips...but why do they sounds pretty good?
But wouldn't this app be brilliant?
T-Mobile's John Legere unveiled of the Phone BoothE - The pink supposedly soundproof booths to help phone users have a private conversation on a busy urban street.
His profile says he's 6ft 2, but he's actually 4ft 2ins. Tinder said it's introducing the Height verification feature to solve the problem of men lying about their height.
The folk in uniform even got in on the April Fool fun. saying that as part of new anti-social behaviour legislation, those caught eating offensive food items while in transit could face a penalty fare of up to 2,000. Fair cop!
This funny teacher posted this photo on Twitter asking the question: "How long should I leave them looking for words that aren't there?!"
The BBCs iPlayer said it's introducing a skip the sex button for those awkward moments when you are watching a programme with your parents or kids.
Food delivery service Hello Fresh made dreams come true for kids - a unicorn box option with glitter, frosting and a load of sugar!
Google Netherlands made this video for Google Tulip, a new way to talk to the famous flower - and it talks back.