Backlash over plans to close down the village surgery

A campaign has been launched to save a village GP surgery which his under threat of closure.

a1148 Exterior of Outwood Park Medical Centre.
a1148 Exterior of Outwood Park Medical Centre.

Almost 300 people have signed a petition against plans to close Wrenthorpe Branch Surgery.

The surgery’s future is under review by its parent GP pratice, Outwood Park Medical Centre.

Patients who currently go to the branch surgery, on Wrenthorpe Road, could be asked to attend appintments at the Outwood centre (pictured), just over a mile away.

Dr Helen Putnam and Partners were given permission to launch a 12-week consultation on the Wrenthorpe surgery’s future by NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Pat Keane the CCG’s chief operating officer, said: “The engagement follows work undertaken by Dr Putman and Partners, detailing concern about the future suitability of the Wrenthorpe branch surgery to provide services to patients.

“Dr Putman and Partners wish to grow and expand services that they provide.

“In order to do so they wish to gather patient opinion on the proposal to close the branch surgery, with a view to expanding services and provision at their Outwood site, which they believe would provide a better service for their patients.”

The closure plan, which can only go ahead with CCG approval, led to the formation of action group Stop the Closure of Wrenthorpe Local Surgery (SCOWLS).

The group has so far gathered 290 names on its online petition.