'Fifty' drinking youths leave park in a mess, police say

A huge group of youths are being blamed for leaving a mess at Pontefract Park, with beer cans thrown around the site.

By Nick Frame
Tuesday, 14th July 2020, 2:01 pm
Cans and bottles were thrown around.
Cans and bottles were thrown around.

Officers were called to the park on Monday night where it was reported up to 50 young people had gathered and were drinking.

The police said: "The youths left prior to the arrival of the officers, but left the park in a mess.

"The team tidied up the best they could."

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The wheelie bin was overflowing after the clean up.

The officers said there were enough empty cans and bottles of alcohol and soft drinks to leave a wheelie bin overflowing.

After posting the incident on Facebook, one reader said: "Unless the mindset changes from everyone this will carry on week in week out.

"Punishment must be increased and more importantly implemented. None of these repeat offenders ever face justice for dumping their rubbish."