Gun amnesty launched today in West Yorkshire

Police are appealing to people to help make our communities safer by handing in their unwanted guns and ammunition at police HQ in Normanton.

By Nick Frame
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 3:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2022, 4:03 pm

The firearms surrender campaign lasts until Sunday, May 29, giving people 18 days to hand weapons in without fear of being prosecuted.

It comes almost three years after the last campaign, which resulted in 90 weapons being handed in.

A total of 31 ‘live’ firearms including 21 handguns, eight shotguns, a taser and a rifle were surrendered. Large quantities of ammunition, including 1,500 shotgun cartridges were also handed over.

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People can hand in firearms without question.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Pat Twiggs said: “We know that many people will have firearms kept illegally in their homes. It could be that they don’t understand that being in possession of such a weapon is illegal - or perhaps recent changes in the law may have rendered what was a previously legal firearm, an illegal one.

“It could be that these firearms are gathering dust in the attic, garage or garden shed.

“Or it could be that you know a loved-one who, for whatever reason, has an illegally-held gun in the house.

“These are the reasons why it’s important that we have this firearms and ammunition surrender now - as it allows people to hand in these weapons into a secure environment where they can be disposed of safely.

“People don’t have to leave their details with our officers if they don’t want to. And they won’t be prosecuted for possessing a firearm that’s handed in to us during this 18-day period.

“It is important that in the fight against gun crime we look to get as many illegal guns as we can off the streets of West Yorkshire.

“If just one weapon is taken off the streets, that reduces the chances of it being used in criminality.

“Surrendering illegally held firearms avoids that risk.”

The weapons can be dropped at the headquarters on Havertop Lane, Normanton.