Police crackdown on vehicles with defects proves to be a success

A crackdown on defective vehicles was carried out by police in Pontefract, which also saw a tractor driver helping to block in one driver who tired to flee the scene.

By Nick Frame
Friday, 1st November 2019, 1:30 pm
Police held a traffic clampdown.
Police held a traffic clampdown.

Officers worked with the DVLA, DVSA, HMRC and Wakefield Council during the day of action around the town on Friday.

They stopped cars and vans in random spot checks, and described the day as a ‘success’ after taking a number of vehicles off the street.

One motorist was even determined not to be caught out after trying to get away when the officers beckoned him to pull over.

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A police spokesman said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to the tractor driver in taking action to help stop the vehicle that had made off from officers and failed to comply with their directions, the driver has been reported for fail to stop, no licence, no insurance, no tax or MOT.”

While many drivers were given advice after their vehicles were given a quick once over, there was also a number who were reported for various offences.

These included a Ford Transit van driver who was found to have four bald tyres.

A BMW driver was caught running a red light, a Range Rover driver was found to not be wearing a seat belt, A Toyota pick-up had bald tyres and faulty steering, a WV Caddy had a faulty headlight and a Ford Mondeo driver see talking on his phone while behind the wheel. A Mercedes Sprinter was also found to have no tax, a dangerous bulging tyre and no waste management licence.