Police to monitor 'drug den' bushes in Wakefield city centre

Inspector Helen Brear and, right, sleeping bags found in the bushes on Marsh Way.
Inspector Helen Brear and, right, sleeping bags found in the bushes on Marsh Way.

The city centre's top police officer has said her teams will continue to monitor an area of the city centre after a body was recently found in undergrowth.

It is thought the man’s death was connected to drug use, and residents spoke out after the find to say the bushes along Marsh Way, opposite Trinity Walk, are regularly being used by addicts injecting.

Inspector Helen Brear said the neighbourhood policing team had been working with Wakefield Council and residents to address the issues.

She said: “We have recently undertaken an environmental audit, and key areas such as Marsh Way have been identified.

“We have made arrangements for the community pay back team (community service workers) to assist in tidying up the area by conducting some gardening and local community members will then be planting new plants and ensuring that the area remains clean and tidy.

“This area, amongst others, is on our and the council’s street cleansing team’s patrols and I would actively encourage any resident to contact us via 101 should they experience an issue requiring our attendance so we can try our utmost to respond.”

But while the police and council say they have major concerns about the problem, and have promised to clean up the area, residents fears it will continue until the entire line of bushes and trees are ripped out .

They say it is the only way to stop users creating ‘drug dens’ that can not be seen from the path opposite Sainsbury’s.

During the past six months members of the Wakefield East Residential Association (WERA) say they have seen a rise in the number of addicts using the natural cover to drink, take drugs and even sleep.

They have found dozens of used needles, empty beer cans, human waste and even sleeping bags, which they say is proof that some addicts are camping down in the bushes.

Even the day after the body was found on June 29, another six used needles were found.