Tesco brings in its own CCTV van due to anti-social behaviour plaguing the area

A supermarket in Airedale has brought in its own CCTV van because of anti-social behaviour plaguing the area.

By Nick Frame
Monday, 1st April 2019, 12:54 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 1:58 pm
CCTV: The Tesco  security van.
CCTV: The Tesco security van.

A recent online petition was signed by more than 2,000 people calling for extra cameras to be placed around trouble hotspots, especially The Square, The Triangle and Green Park.

And now Tesco, which occupies the old Magnet pub on Fryston Road, opposite The Square, is using its own security van to keep an eye on the area.

In a statement, a spokesman for the supermarket giant said: “We have had a few incidents of anti-social behaviour near our Fryston Road store and we employ a number of measures at the store to help provide extra security.”

Alex Kear, who launched the petition for improved CCTV, says he has been left frustrated by the reaction from Wakefield Council and the police. He has been told the it would cost too much, which he described as being a ‘stock answer’.

He says monitored CCTV is required to stamp out the persistent trouble, which includes illegal off-road bikers, groups causing nuisances and even reports of youngsters throwing stones at passing vehicles.

He said: “A live and monitored system can be zoomed in, can track and follow, the operative who monitor these systems are specially trained to spot trouble before it happens in a pro-active way rather than the reactive cameras.”

Meanwhile, a new contact point in which people can speak face-to-face with officers has opened at Airedale Library.

PC Richard Shaw said: “Securing the use of this space within the Library means that we are approachable and visible for longer which is a good thing for everyone.

“We won’t be there all the time as the majority of time is spent patrolling.

However, we have advertised on our social media page dates and times of contact points so the community know exactly when to find us.”