Two women caught in 'Supermarket Sweep trolley dash' at Knottingley Lidl

Police caught two women who stole £330 worth of meat, power tools and speakers from Lidl in Knottingley.

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 7:00 am
Lidl in Knottingley
Lidl in Knottingley

The Wakefield East and South East branch of West Yorkshire Police said the pair were caught trying to steal a trolley load of goods from the supermarket.

The neighbouring policing team said: "Risked it for a Brisket!

"On Saturday evening a report came in from staff at Lidl supermarket in Knottingley stating that two females had just committed a 'Supermarket Sweep' style shopping trolley push from the store.

"Although, little did they know that nearby there was a PCSO out and about on cycle patrols.

"Within less than two minutes of hearing the call over the radio the officer managed to sight and detain both the offenders while they were in the process of emptying out the trolley over on Bridge Street.

"Investigations later revealed that they had stolen goods totalling a value of over £330! This included power tools, speakers and a large quantity of meats amongst other general groceries.

"Both females have subsequently been dealt with by officers for the offence.

"This just goes to show that old fashioned style policing still works!"