Wakefield police officers and staff who have gone the extra mile are celebrated

Police officers and staff who have saved lives, secured significant jail spells for dangerous sex offenders and who have gone above and beyond to lock up those harming communities have been honoured in Wakefield.

By Leanne Clarke
Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 11:21 am

Senior officers said they had been overwhelmed by the examples of excellent performance, dedication, courage and tenacity which were recognised at the 2019 Wakefield Police Awards, which took place on November 7 at Castleford’s Greywood Hall.

Those honoured included the investigation team who secured the conviction of a Castleford man who held hostage and tortured a former partner and officers who secured significant reductions in alcohol related asb and shoplifting in Wakefield City Centre.

Also praised were officers who worked none stop in Castleford to grasp and solve longstanding community crime issues.

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Wakefield police officers and staff who have gone the extra mile are celebrated

Chief Superintendent Marc McManus, District Commander of Wakefield Police, said: “These awards are an opportunity for us to celebrate some of the fantastic dedication and drive we see in our officers and staff in Wakefield and recognise the effort the whole team pours into making our communities safer.

“These remain challenging times for policing, but it is heartening to see, time and again, examples of officers and staff who have completed truly superb work and been willing to go that extra mile in ways which more than go beyond the call of duty.

“Thanks to these officers lives have been saved, communities have been improved and people who pose a threat to those around them have received significant jail sentences.

“I wish to thank and commend them all for what they have achieved in the last 12 months.”

The winners in full were:

PC Natalie Davies and PC Joanne Butterworth

For their calmness under pressure and use of first aid to assist a male who had suffered a medical episode while driving in Fitzwilliam in May 2019.

PC Joe Trotter and PC James Stephenson

For their bravery in assisting a man on distress on abridge in an incident in Wakefield in May 2019

PC Jon Asquith

For his can do attitude, street craft and unrelenting determination in making Castleford a better place through his innovative work to catch offenders. He has made dozens of arrests in the town centre and set up a business watch to help better protect businesses. It is not unusual for Jon to be out searching well before 7am in search of offenders who were hurting the communities on his beat.

PCSO Rebecca Norbury and PCSO Jemma Binks

For their tireless and highly innovative work at reducing retail crime and anti-social behaviour in Wakefield City Centre, producing sustained, significant reductions in shop theft, as recognised by local TV media.

Crime Prevention Officers Mark Isherwood and Glenda Butts

For his outstanding commitment and dedication to their roles, and in supporting other departments in delivering the Force’s priorities and in keeping our communities safe. They always go the “extra mile” in everything he does, and on behalf of his colleagues/community we would like to thank him by recognising his achievements, and commitment to Policing.

PCSO Colin Starford:

Awarded a Royal Humane Society Awards for his efforts in giving first aid and medical assistance to a male who had been the victim of a serious assault near Ossett and had lost a quantity of blood.

PCSO Katie Morgan

For her compassion and professionalism in assisting a woman in significant distress on a bridge in Pontefract in July 2019. Her calmness and compassion enabled her to prevent the lady from coming to harm.

PC Simon Lewis

For his work under integrated offender management in helping a persistent offender turn his life around, find work and put himself on a better path away from crime.

DC Anna Potton

For her tenacity in a highly complex investigation in securing the conviction of a man who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual offences committed against children over a number of decades.

DC Sophie Green

For her professional and empathetic approach in a highly sensitive investigation into a sexual assault committed against a young child. Over a 12 month period she collected evidence and interviewed the suspect a number of times, finally securing sufficient evidence to put the case to the crown prosecution service. Such was the thorough and detailed investigation the suspect was found guilty of a series of offences relating to sexual abuse of young children.

Investigating Officer Daniel Brooks

For his role as an investigating officer working on operation Millipond, a district wide investigation into the sharing of indecent images. Whilst working on this case ISO Brookes identified that there was a general lack of knowledge within the education sector around where an offence may occur and designed a schools presentation which was eventually rolled out to all schools in West Yorkshire.

Judge’s Commendation for to DCI Vanessa Rolfe, DI Suzanne Gall, PC Daniel Jackson, PC Will Denton, PC Matthew Harper, PC Jake Skevington, PC Liam Atkinson, PC Austen Thompson, DS Kristy Wright, TI Sam Farr, DC Cain Bamforth, TI Vicky Thomas, Michael Cossins, Sam Stocks and Candida Fodden.

For their roles in convicting Castleford man Stefan Carr (28) of violent offences against his former partner who he held against her will and tortured. He pleaded guilty to attempted section 18 assault and two section 47 assaults against another woman and was jailed for more than 11 years.

DS Craig Nicholls & PC Dean Hammond

For their work in investigating a series of cross border burglary offences involving the theft of motorcycles and the use of those vehicles to then commit further crime.

PC Darren Arnold

For his dedication during a protracted investigation into the sexual abuse of a vulnerable victim. Following Darren’s investigation the suspect was jailed for 19 years.

Senior Section Officer James White and Senior Section Officer John Burke Tomlinson

For their dedication in setting up and manage a number of Operations, including a Night time Economy serial which patrols in Wakefield every Friday night. The Special Constabulary have become a regular and welcome support to both Patrol and Neighbourhood teams and have worked across all district portfolios delivering support with locating and arresting wanted persons, delivering high visibility foot patrol and the policing of events, as well as supporting additional deployments in support of partners in the NHS and the deployment within A&E at Pinderfields hospital on a Friday and Saturday night.

PS Jonathan Sewell

For his role as force lead for Police Volunteers and as the cadet Leader of Wakefield District. He devotes a significant amount of his free time to bot roles and is well respected and valued by the young people whose lives he has such a positive impact on.

PS Mark Thorold, PC Toby Warden, PC Chris Schofield and PCSO Philip Brocklesby.

For their efforts and hard work in combatting alcohol related anti-social behaviour in Wakefield. The officers worked with Smartwater to develop a unique form of the solution which could be used to trace confiscated cans of high strength alcohol to identify the shops selling them. This was then followed up by varying their licence conditions to restrict sales of individual high percentage cans of alcohol, providing a long term solution. Shop theft has reduced by over 40%, and incidents involving enforcement action under the public spaces prevention order reduced by over 60%.

DC Gary Wetherill and DC Nigel Hutchinson

For their professionalism and commitment during a protracted and sensitive investigation into allegations of rape, sexual and domestic violence. Their dedication and tenacity resulted in the conviction of the offender who received a life sentence at Leeds Crown Court on 11th October 2018.

DC Jane Aspinall and DC Sarah Yates

For their investigations in a complex and difficult case supporting the victims of sexual abuse. The thoroughness of their investigation meant the defendant was forced to plead guilty spearing the victims the ordeal of a trial. The defendant was jailed for 29 years at Leeds Crown Court in May this year.