Watch as crazed knifeman is tasered by police after stabbing man 13 times in terrifying attack

This is the moment fearless officers tackled a crazed knifeman after he burst into a Pontefract house and stabbed a man 13 times as his wife and teenager daughter hid in a bedroom.

By Nick Frame
Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 4:16 pm

Bodycam footage released by West Yorkshire Police showed PC Stephen Wales and PC Matthew Sherriff battling to bring Jonathan Corley under control in the bathroom of the property on Sides Road.

The terrifying footage shows them tasering 26-year-old Corley after he ignores their orders to get on the floor and drop his knife.

He is then heard screaming as they wrestle with him to remove the knife from his hand.

Bodycam footage released by West Yorkshire Police showed PC Stephen Wales and PC Matthew Sherriff battling to bring Jonathan Corley under control in the bathroom of the property on Sides Road.

The taser was pointed at Corley who was still holding the knife.

Like a scene from horror slasher movie, minutes earlier Corley had inexplicably forced his way into the home and stabbed dad Lee Morgan 13 times before trying to break down a bedroom door as Mr Morgan's terrified wife Nicola and their 13-year-old daughter fought to keep him out.

The officers, who happened to be in the area and were first to respond to the blood-soaked scene, were eventually able to get him into handcuffs.

Corley was jailed last month for 10 years and four months for his attacks on the Morgan family.

Lee and Nicola Morgan.

They had been at their Sides Road home around lunchtime on April 2 of this year when Corley started banging on their door before bursting in.

Mum Nicola and her daughter quickly ran upstairs as husband Lee bravely confronted the man who lived just a few doors away on the usually-quiet cul-de-sac.

Nicola said she could hear the fighting downstairs, before it fell eerily silent, and could then hear Corley coming up the stairs as she feared Lee had been killed.

Corley then managed to get his blood-soaked arm around the door, but the pair fought to keep him out.

Nicola, 46, said: "I was pushing with all the strength I had, I still to this day do not know how we did it.

"I could hear the bed creaking and breaking. There were moments when he'd stop but would then be full on again. It was just surreal."

Nicola could hear the police arrive, but was hesitant at first, fearing it was the intruder again.

"I could hear the police having an almighty fight with this guy.

"I saw the bodycam footage afterward and they really put their lives on the line. It was horrendous."

Haulage driver Lee, 42, had suffered multiple stab wounds during the fight, and also a broken elbow and a punctured lung.

The last stab wound was to his neck which began pouring with blood. He got out of the house in the hope that the intruder would follow him. The neighbour then heard him shouting for help.

While Lee's injuries are now healing, the family says the emotional trauma from that day has yet to subside.

They still have no idea why Corley targeted them.

Despite living just a few doors away, they had never spoken to him or had even seen him before.

They have never returned to the property, which they rented.

They are now living at Nicola's mother until they can find a new home.

Nicola, who works at Morrisons in Pontefract, said: "We never went back. We're not coping really. We've had no counselling, Covid-19 has crippled everything.

"We are just hanging on in there and doing the best we can.

"It's the 'why?' really, that's what I keep thinking about.

"Had we done something wrong? We both work and just get on.

"We lost everything that day, our home, our security and who we were."

A Go Fund Me page has since been set up to help the family rebuild their lives, with more than £3,000 donated so far. To donate, click here.

While they continue to struggle, the family are in little doubt that PC Wales and Sherriff saved their lives that day.

Nicola added: "There’s not enough thanks that can be said to show our gratitude.

"These two officers put their lives on the line and went above and beyond."

The officers will receive their awards next week.