Derelict Wakefield pub set to be demolished

Former Admiral Duncan, Wakefield
Former Admiral Duncan, Wakefield

A derelict pub in Wakefield is set to be demolished and replaced with industrial units.

Planning permission has been granted to knock down the boarded-up Admiral Duncan pub on Thornes Lane and build three 720 sq ft to 1230 sq ft units.

Concerns were raised that size of the units could increase the risk of accidents on the road.

One objector said: "It seems from the drawings that the proposed units would be built up to the pavement or near on Thornes Lane. This, in my view and I would think Highways Dept view, represent a considerable increase in the risk of accidents at the junction with Bethel Place.

"There are three existing businesses that use Bethel Place as the only access to their properties, and what appears to be a blind corner looking left when exiting Bethel Place would particularly increase risk from vehicles travelling down Thornes Lane from their left.

"The existing businesses rely regularly on large (40 foot) trucks to service their needs. Thornes Lane is a busy thoroughfare and has a children's play area directly opposite this junction. Motorist would have considerably increased risk because of this."

There were also concerns that the plans would have a negative effect on existing businesses on the road.

Wakefield Civic Society said the building dated back to the 19th century but most of its historical features had been stripped and it had been vacant for a number of years.

The society said: "Despite accepting that the building is old having been build prior to 1851, as outlined above there is little specific history linked to the building, the building is not particularly aesthetically or architecturally interesting or pleasing and has been amended and stripped of many historical features over time.

"As such it is felt that the age of the building alone is not significant enough in isolation to justify a designation as a historical asset and for the buildings retention and substantial repair required to bring it back into a use that would ultimately be no longer viable within this location."