Diamond couple met at fair and wed on Boxing Day

A couple who married just months after meeting at Health Common Fair in 1955 will celebrate 60 years of marriage on Boxing Day.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 26th December 2015, 6:00 am

Peter Beaumont, 81, was home from national service in Kenya when he first saw his future wife Violet at the summer festival.

He said: “I was home on leave and we went to the Heath Common fair.

“We saw these two girls on the bumping cars and we started chasing them round. It went on from there.”

Mrs Beaumont, 79, said: “I thought, ‘He’s got a lovely tan’.

“He’d just come back from Africa”.

The couple, who live in Wrenthorpe, went out every night before Mr Beaumont had to return to York Barracks, where he waited to be demobbed.

Their wedding was held at Flanshaw Chapel, on Flanshaw Lane, on December 26, followed by a reception at the Eagle pub opposite.

Mr Beaumont, who was one of 13 children, said: “We didn’t waste any time.

“All the family were there because nobody had to work that day.”

However, there was no rest for Mr Beaumont, who had to return to his job in the malt kilns the following day.

He added: “I couldn’t have any time off.”

The couple first moved to Gainsborough and had seven children, Karen, Graham, Debra, Julie, Denise, Mark and Tracy.

They now have 13 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Mr Beaumont was employed as a driver for Express Dairies, and later for Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation before retiring at 59.

Mrs Beaumont worked at Walker’s Mill on Flanshaw Lane for 14 years.

Over the years they have enjoyed foreign holidays, going abroad two or three times a year to countries including Turkey and Cyprus.

The couple, who have lived on Sunny Bank, Wrenthorpe, for around 14 months, said they were looking forward to celebrating their Diamond Wedding on Boxing Day.

But details of the event organised by their family were being kept a secret.

When asked the secret to a happy 60-year marriage, Mrs Beaumont said: “Give and take, that’s what I think.”