Work on huge solar energy farms in Ossett and South Kirkby 'temporarily on hold'

A consultation with neighbours of two proposed solar energy farms has been delayed.

Although the council is still yet to reveal the exact location of the two sites, it was indicated in March that those who live close by would be contacted about the scheme soon.

However, coronavirus has put paid to those plans for the timebeing.

The council hoped to build the farms within the next three years.

With face-to-face engagement with residents likely to form a big part of the public consultation process, Wakefield Council has put its leading climate change initiative on ice for now.

Glynn Humphries, service director for environment, said: "At this unprecedented time we are of course focused on supporting residents and businesses through the coronavirus outbreak.

"For now, work on the proposals for solar farms in Ossett and South Kirkby is temporarily on hold.

"It is still a priority and work will resume, to include a public consultation, once the current crisis that we are all facing becomes more settled."

The scheme was set up to help the council achieve its carbon neutral pledge.

The solar farms plans were first developed last year after the council declared its intention to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Officers in charge of the scheme have gone on record as saying that that pledge will be difficult to achieve without the farms.

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