Fears raised over West Yorkshire canal pusher

Fears a '˜canal pusher' may be operating in West Yorkshire have been raised on social media.

Five bodies have been found in or near the river over the past month.
Five bodies have been found in or near the river over the past month.

During the past month five men have died in and around waterways in Kirklees prompting speculation there maybe similarites to the Manchester Canal pusher.

In Manchester there have been 60 deaths in the city’s canals during the past seven years with people having their say on whether a series killed, dubbed ‘The Pusher’ is at work around the waterways.

Author and psychopathology expert Thomas Sheridan told the Manchester Evening News that he believed there was a series killed stalking the city’s canals and rivers.

In West Yorkshire five bodies were discovered either in or near the River Calder at Dewsbury and Mirfield throughout March with the cause of their deaths still being investigated.

West Yorkshire police have said they are not linking the deaths.

Detective Inspector George Bardell of Kirklees CID, said: “Enquiries have been made by the police in to all of these deaths. However no links have been found and they appear to all be tragic isolated incidents.

“We are supporting the families involved and assisting the coroner’s investigations in to these deaths where the circumstances of each of these incidents will be individually considered.”