Flood hit haulage firm calling out for help after being hit with £37K damage

Damage: The company was flooded by more than a foot of waterDamage: The company was flooded by more than a foot of water
Damage: The company was flooded by more than a foot of water
Haulage firm owner feels like '˜packing it it' after £37K flood damage that could have been prevented

Staff at Kenneth Howley Transport in Castleford claim that Yorkshire Water failed to turn on pumps which could have prevented the flooding.

But Yorkshire Water have denied responsibility and say that they responded quickly and appropriately to the heavy rainfall on Thursday, September 20.

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Vehicles, buildings, power tools and equipment were damaged when more than a foot of water flooded the Green Lane site after a night of heavy rain.

Kenneth Howley, who owns the firm, said that flooding has been a recurring problem for the company since they moved into the site in 1990, but this was the worst flood he had seen.

He said: “In the past we’ve just taken it on the chin, cleaned it up and got on, but I can’t afford to do that now.

“It’s not just the financial loss to our business, it’s our credibility. Our customers say they don’t dare store with us now.

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“I’m fed up with it and I really feel like packing up. The financial side of it is not sustainable.”

Mr Howley and his staff say the flood could have been prevented if Yorkshire Water had turned on pumps at a nearby station as the rain began.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “We attended the scene as quickly as possible to help as much as we could.

“We can confirm that our pumping station was operating as normal before and during the excessive rainfall.”

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MP Yvette Cooper said that she had written to Yorkshire Water about the flooding.

She said: “The staff have worked tirelessly to keep everything running but they shouldn’t be left to clear up when the problems are coming from the pumps and the drains.

“Yorkshire Water have to take some responsibility for this.”