Food pan causes fire at flats in Wakefield

Fire crews have extinguished a potentially serious fire at a block of flats in Wakefield this afternoon.
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Officers from Wakefield Fire Station were called out to Greenwood House off George Street just before 4.15pm after neighbours of one the flats heard a smoke alarm sounding.

A flatholder had left some food in a pan on a lit hob before going out of the property and leaving the pan unattended, during which time the fire started.

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A spokesman from Wakefield Station said that positive ventilation fans were used to clear the blaze, which was just “ten minutes away” from being extremely serious and life-threatening.

“Crews managed to get access to the property across a balcony,” he said.

“It was a close call. If we’d got there much later it would have been really bad. There was a lot of food in the pan and it would have been a very strong and fierce fire.

“I don’t know where the property holder went. He hadn’t returned to the property by the time we’d extinguished the fire.”

No-one was injured.

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