For and against: Independent cinema chain heading for The Ridings Shopping Centre - here's what you think

News that a new cinema is to open in The Ridings Shopping Centre has received mixed reaction from you, our readers.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 31st December 2018, 12:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:33 am
Silver screen: A Reel Cinema is coming to the Ridings.
Silver screen: A Reel Cinema is coming to the Ridings.

Ridings owner NewRiver has struck a deal with independent chain Reel Cinemas to convert three empty units on the top floor of the centre into a five-screen venue that will open in 2019.

But the news hasn't really been met with positivity, with readers giving their own ideas and views as to what should be brought to the shopping centre.

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Paula Lightfoot suggested: "Turn whole thing into a leisure complex get bowling back etc."

Manzur AK said: "A leisure complex, with cinema, arcade, laser zone, trampoline , Pizza Hut, bowling etc. Copy Trafford Shopping Centre, then the money will come in."

Kyle Thomas said: "Any investment is good news to the area. Cineworld are dead because of extortionate prices. From what I’ve seen, Reel cinemas tickets are around £5 each so I’m sure they’ll thrive."

Antony Gatley: "Usual naysayers moaning, support and get behind something for a change, at least they are thinking differently and trying new things.

Joanne Heaton: "We need an ice rink or bowling ally or both. Cineworld is enough for Wakefield it's hardly a massive place that needs more than one cinema.. Need more shops open so instead of extortionate rent prices for independent shop owners that then go bust it would be better if people stopped lining their own pockets with stupid fees, bonuses and high rent. I was born in the wrong era me, it's a shame you can't choose when your born."

Ross Millar: "The Ridings drastically needs more footfall, anything that increases that whilst improving the centre overall is a positive thing. Plus, more jobs."

Vickie Middleton: "Cineworld prices sometimes make it a luxury for people with families. It will be nice for people to be able to go to the cinema. Agree it needs a bowling alley and possibly skating rink, that would be great."

Gaynor Brown: "Why go from one to three cinema's? It's ridiculous. Cineworld doesn't even get filled so what makes you think three will do well? Why not do a bowling alley, ice rink or roller skate rink, something people actually want?"

Julie Metcalfe Ne Bell: "Absolutely ridiculous. Wakefield needs to change radically and adding another cinema complex should be bottom of the list. Plenty of other priorities before that also where are people expected to park as most cinema’s are free parking."

Jed Daughtery: "Joking? Who will use it? The Cineworld is empty most of time, with mammoth prices. What about a bowling alley as Super Bowl was shut down years ago and never replaced."

Lorraine Gallivan: "Cineworld is far to expensive if this new place is going to keep prices down then I can't wait I want to be able to take my boys to the cinema like I went as a kid not have to save up to go"

Ased Ali asked: "Aren't they about to build a cinema where the indoor market was near Trinity Walk? While it's good to hear something positive happening at Ridings, I'm not sure how well it will be able to compete with a new cinema near Trinity Walk.... I agree that a bowling alley, laser quest, or some other entertainment venue would have been more likely to succeed. Still, with all the new housing being built in Wakefield, there will hopefully be lots of new young families who will make use of the facilities, increase footfall in the centre and regenerate the local economy."

Michael-Patrick Cromack: "Why? We're getting one were bus station is and we have Cineworld which is being refurbished at the moment. It will be shut in under a year. A lot of people have a card for Cineworld so they won’t switch. Do something different."

Aaran Metcalfe: "Wait so... as well as Cineworld and the cinema complex you're replacing the Market Hall with, in addition you're adding yet another cinema to Wakefield? "Welcome to Wakefield, the home of theatres."

Fran Walshaw: "In my opinion, Wakefield needs stuff it hasnt already got. It's a boring city. You should make it interesting. A cinema will not do that! A laser quest or something alike would be a better idea!"

Katryn Wood: "The Ridings/New River need to do a very serious review of their parking fees. If they want to attract customers they need to be on a par or less than Trinity Walk not more."

Martin Brough: "Ridings needs free parking, I dare say more people would park there and then walk through."