Former Outwood Grange pupil Cara Theobold to star in ITV 1 drama Downton Abbey

Cara Theobold will play Ivy in the new series of Downton Abbey
Cara Theobold will play Ivy in the new series of Downton Abbey

AS first jobs go, it doesn’t get better than starring in your favourite television show.

Cara Theobold has landed a part in ITV’s popular costume drama Downton Abbey.

The cast of Downton Abbey.

The cast of Downton Abbey.

Fans for the show will see the former Outwood Grange pupil playing the role of Ivy, a kitchen maid, when it returns to our screens next Sunday. September 16.

Cara, 22, said: “Downton Abbey is the only audition I’ve ever had. I left my final year at drama school early, at Easter, and came straight to this.

“Before I went to drama school I hadn’t had any professional experience whatsoever so to get something like this is incredible. I don’t think it will ever sink in.”

After leaving Outwood Grange, Cara went to study at the Guildhall School of Acting and Drama in 

She auditioned for the role of Ivy last Christmas before she returned to Wakefield to spend the holiday at home.

Cara said: “I found out that I had got a recall and then I spent the Christmas holidays with all my family on tenterhooks because my parents are such massive fans of the show.

“I had a few more rounds and then got the part and here I am.

“It is amazing. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am a massive fan of the show myself anyway.”

Ivy is set to ruffle feathers when she begins working for the aristocratic Crawley family.

Viewers will see tensions rise in the kitchen between her and the assistant cook, Daisy.

Cara said: “Ivy is a young Yorkshire lass. She previously worked as a Maid of All Work for a shopkeeper in Malton and then her mum put her up for the job wanting her to better herself and work at the glorious Downton Abbey.

“Ivy is just your typical young girl, very curious and enjoys meeting people but gets bashed down a bit by Daisy.

“She is the kind of girl who couldn’t possibly understand why anyone wouldn’t like her.

“Although the fact that Ivy likes to flirt with both of the two new footmen, Alfred and Jimmy, probably doesn’t endear her to Daisy.

Cara has also picked up some new skills while on the set of the show.

She said: “I’ve learned how to make jam. And I am now a dab hand at whisking. I can even shell peas now.

“I had never shelled a pea before.”