Ghost Stories from the Archives: Leeds Ghost Carries Bag on His Back

The Yorkshire Evening Post from 1948 told of this Cookridge haunting ....

By The Newsroom
Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:00 am
Ghost Stories from the Archives
Ghost Stories from the Archives

IVESON HOUSE, that fine old mansion at Cookridge, which Leeds Corporation is guarding against vandals at considerable expense, has the reputation of being haunted.

Some of the local folk believe that a wing of the house is walked by the ghost mason who fell to his death from the roof of the mansion when the building was nearly finished. And when he walks he carries his toolbag with him.

Mrs. Andrew Hutton, 78-year-old former owner of the mansion, who went there as a bride over years ago, confirmed the story for me when I sought her out.

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A light sleeper, she herself has heard nothing more than strange noises, and never saw anything even remotely resembling a ghost when she troubled to explore the house. Members of her family, however, both swear the ghost walks.

Mrs. Hutton’s daughter, Mrs. S. Owens, who now lives at Vesper Walk, Horsforth, claims she was often wakened during the night to see a man walk by her bed. She describes him as a workman, carrying a bag on his back

“My husband,” says Mrs. Hutton. “used to comfort her and tell her it was just imagination, but to this day both she and my son Reggie swear that the house is haunted.”

Iveson House was built a century ago for the owner of what was locally known as “the band works” a string and rope factory below the estate, and near what is now the West Park- Horsforth Ring Road.

Leeds Corporation Housing Committee has not yet decided what to with the mansion, which i as two-storey building, with eight bedrooms, extensive gardens, and one of the finest views over Airedale.

So far the Corporation watchmen on duty have not seen the ghost. There were strange noises one night but it was nothing more than a leaking water tank.

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