'˜Help us to improve Amelia's life'

The Rotary Club of Wakefield is urgently appealing for help to provide specialist equipment for a little girl with complex medical needs.

in need: Poorly six-year-old Amelia is in desperate need of specialist equipment and home adaptations.
in need: Poorly six-year-old Amelia is in desperate need of specialist equipment and home adaptations.

Members are trying to raise £9,000 to buy an adjustable bath for six-year-old Amelia Qadeer, who has cerebral palsy and progressive intestinal failure. It will be installed as part of adaptation work at the house where Amelia lives with her mum Shabnam Nazir in Pinders Heath.

George Marsden, chair of the community services committee of the Rotary Club, said: “Amelia’s cerebral palsy affects all four limbs, she is mainly tube fed, has visual impairments and very limited speech.

“In spite of all this, Amelia has the most beautiful smile.

“Shabnam plans to go beyond meeting Amelia’s personal hygiene needs and wants bathing facilities that offer therapeutic benefits to enhance her little daughter’s enjoyment of life.

“I am leaving no stone unturned to raise the £9,000.”

Ms Nazir said she successfully applied for a Disabilities Facilities Grant, to create a bedroom, wet room and play space for Amelia in the downstairs of their home. But she said the grant would not cover the specialist bath she requires.

Ms Nazir said: “The grant was approved last summer but Amelia was really ill in hospital with sepsis for several months, so my priority wasn’t home improvements.

“But I have got to the point where I am really struggling as to carry her up and downstairs to her bedroom and the bathroom. The renovations will make the world of difference.

“Amelia’s condition makes her vomit a lot and she needs to use bathing facilities regularly, usually about two or three times a day.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to be lifting her in and out of the bath - we really need one which can be raised and lowered.

“Amelia is up crying in pain most nights with muscle cramps and spasms. A specialist whirlpool bath will help to ease this muscle stiffness.”

Rob Hurren, director of integrated care at Wakefield Council said: “We are working very closely with Amelia and her family and adaptations are planned to her home to support her needs.”

Anyone who wants to discuss the cause or make a donation can contact Mr Marsden on 07766259709.