High hopes that football fans will back Wakefield AFC

Chris Turner, who hopes fans will support the new club.Chris Turner, who hopes fans will support the new club.
Chris Turner, who hopes fans will support the new club.
Former professional goalkeeper Chris Turner is confident that as word spreads, football fans will begin to show their support for the city’s new football club.

Chris, 60, who had a long career in the professional game, also insists that the club will not be a cash-rich project like Salford City, who are bankrolled by former Manchester United professionals. He insists that the club will be community-based , adding: “We are not relying on support for our finances or winning leagues.

“The bigger we get the more expensive it becomes, but that’s way in front of us. We are just concentrating on our first season but we hope to move up the ladders in the next five years.

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“Support wise, we are starting from virtually nil,but I’m sure as we go along and people get to see us the interest will build.

“This is something different, we are not going to be singing from the rooftops that we’re going to be in the EFL (English Football League) in five or 10 years, nothing like that.”

Former Hartlepool United and Rochdale chairman, Russ Green, is Wakefield AFC’s chief executive officer and he says the club could attract major investment. He said: “We are not the Salford Citys of this world, we want to be self sufficient and sustainable, which is the key to any football club. We want everything to happen at Wakefield so it becomes the centre of the city.”