Horbury town is open and ready to do business

With 100 per cent shop occupancy and a new marketing campaign underway Horbury has declared itself open for business.

By James Carney
Friday, 5th April 2019, 12:52 pm
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 12:59 pm
Our town: The group is working to put Horbury on the map.
Our town: The group is working to put Horbury on the map.

Horbury Village Partnership has received a £4,000 grant from Wakefield Council, alongside a further £1,000 businesses have raised themselves, to promote the town to shoppers around the district.

Coun Darren Byford said: “We are trying to raise the profile of Horbury and make the town centre somewhere people want to go – to make it more of a destination.

“In Horbury we have no vacant shops, a thriving array of independent shops and we are becoming an area for quality restaurants and bars.


“To help strengthen our great customer offer we have been successful in obtaining a grant from Wakefield Council and using some of their owns funds have created a new image for Horbury – Choose Horbury – live, visit and enjoy.

“We just got together and thought, ‘we’ve got something good here, how can we make the most of it?’”.

Stickers and banners bearing the campaign’s tagline can be seen around the town and will be advertised on the backs of buses from April 15.

The town has also updated its phone box gallery.

The new exhibition at Redbox Gallery is an installation of drawings by artists Helen Thomas that were created in response to plants seen on path edges while walking in the town and surrounding countryside.

Decorative benches and wind vanes have also been installed in the town as part of the plan.

The Horbury Village Partnership is a group of local businesses, community groups and residents that come together to promote Horbury and to help make it flourish.

Last year the Express ran its Love Your High Street campaign to promote Wakefield, Horbury, Ossett and other towns in the district by encouraging people to shop local and take advantage of what’s on their doorsteps.