How your MPs voted over Syria airstrikes

The district’s MPs were among those who voted to extend Syrian airstrikes after a ten-hour debate in parliament.

MPs overwhelmingly backed British military action against Daesh or the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria by 397 votes to 223 - a majority of 174 on Wednesday.

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh, Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper were among 66 Labour MPs who voted with the government and against the opinion of the party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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Conservative’s Andrea Jenkyns, Outwood and Morley MP, also supported the air strikes.

But Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett voted against extending military action.

Mr Trickett said: “It’s for the Prime Minister to make convincing military and political proposals. He has failed.”

Ms Cooper said Britain cannot “leave it to other countries to take the strain” of fighting against the extremists.

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But she also said she did not support an open-ended commitment to air strikes and said that a review should be carried out after six months.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Ms Cooper said: “None of us however we vote tonight are terrorist sympathisers and none of us will have blood on our hands, the blood has been drawn by Isis, Daesh in Paris and across the world and that is who we must stand against.”

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh said: “Daesh is a fascist organisation that must be defeated. The longer we leave it the harder it will be.”

Ms Jenkyns, who won Labour Ed Balls seat in this year’s General Election, said: “We cannot defeat IS without first degrading and destroying their capability to organise as a militia in the Middle East.

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“IS is not going to negotiate, as some have suggested we should do. Its only goal is to create an Islamic caliphate based on their own warped view of what Islam is and should be.

“Britain has never stood idly by when under threat. We shall not become a bystander now.”

RAF Tornado jets have already carried out the first airstrikes in Syria.

A Ministry of Defence spokesmann said the jets had returned from the “first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes”.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the MPs took the “right decision to keep the UK safe.”